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img_20200530_122749_395.jpgNew Changes

 1. Due to limited space and to also reduce the spread of the virus, only persons with an appointment for a service will be allowed entry to the Embassy. Please arrive not more than 5 minutes to your appointment and do not bring relatives, friends or other persons. Only one client with appointment at a time will be allowed entry.

2. Wearing of mask is mandatory before entry to the building.

3. Hand sanitizers will be provided at the entrance. Please use the hand sanitizers immediately after entering the building

4. Phones should be switched off.

5. You will be prohibited from entering the Embassy if you have food items, sharp objects, briefcases/bags/backpacks, battery operated or electronic devices, sealed envelopes/packages and cigarettes/matchboxes/lighters. 

6. You will be required to keep a safe distance of at least 1.5m in the waiting room.

7. Practice cough etiquette and good hand hygiene at all times while in the building

8. Visitors collecting documents do not require an appointment 

9. All documents will be collected from the window