Passport Services
Please note that Nigerian Immigration Passport rules requires every Nigerian to be physically present when applying for a new e-passport. It is not possible to use a scanned copy of your previous passport to obtain a new e-passport or apply in proxy.
The Nigerian Embassy in Budapest, Hungary is currently not equipped to issue e-passports. Nigerians wishing to apply for a new e-passport or replace a lost e-passport are referred to several Nigerian Embassy in Vienna, Austria.

Nigerian Embassy, Vienna, Austria



The Nigerian Embassy in Budapest issues a Letter of Introduction to any Nigerian national residing in Hungary or countries of concurrent accreditation who seeks to renew his or her passport.

If you require this Letter from the Embassy, send your request for this letter well in advance. 

Please follow the steps enumerated below.

1. Send an official request addressed to the Consular Section via its email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it requesting for a Letter of Introduction to enable you apply for a new passport in Vienna or any other location of your choice. You will need to attach a scanned copy of your passport and Hungarian residence permit. If it is a lost passport case, please also include the Police Report you have obtained from the Hungarian Police. If applying for an e-passport for your child, attach a copy of his/her birth certificate.

2. You will get an email from the Embassy acknowledging it has received your email and documents. Please note that the automated reply you receive after sending your email should be disregarded. Wait for an email from the Embassy informing you the Letter is ready. The process should not take more than three working days.

3. Once your letter is ready for collection, appear in person or send some someone to collect it on your behalf. The document collection hours are Monday-Friday 10am-12noon, 2pm-4pm. Please note that the original copy of the letter needs to be submitted to the Embassy in Vienna.

The letter is issued FREE OF CHARGE.


1. Obtain a Police Report from the relevant Police Authority where the e-passport got lost

2. Report the loss of your e-passport to the Hungarian Immigration Office

3. Submit a written formal report to the Nigeria Embassy concerning the lost e-passport. A copy of the Police Report, resident permit and lost passport should be attached.

4. Make appropriate plans to replace the lost passport by contacting relevant Nigerian Embassies that can replace the lost passport. The general rule is that Nigerians who lose their e-passports are required to travel back to Abuja, Nigeria to obtain a new passport. However, the Nigerian Embassies in Vienna, Rome, Italy and the Hague, Netherlands have confirmed that it can replace lost e-passports. For more information about what documents to submit, relevant passport fees and interview dates, please contact the relevant Embassy directly.

5. After getting required information from the issuing Embassy, apply for the e-passport through the Nigeria Immigration website Applicants for the e-passports are advised to read through the e-passport application guidelines before applying to avoid any delays or rejection of their application. You are to make a payment of 65US Dollars using your Bank card and indicate the country which will issue the e-passport. For example, if you are applying to the Nigerian Embassy in Rome, you should indicate Rome, Italy as the processing country when filling the form online. Please note that the Embassy processing your passport request will also charge an administrative fee. The price varies from Embassy to Embassy.

6. A letter of introduction will be issued by the Ngerian Embassy in Budapest  to assist you obtain the new e- passport. The original copy of this letter should be presented directly TO THE Nigerian Embassy where you are applying for the e-passport.

7. Appear at the choosen Nigerian Embassy on the date given to you. Please ensure you take along with you all the relevant documents needed for the new e-passport. You should ask for required information from the Nigerian Embassy issuing the new e-passport before travelling to avoid any delays. 

8. During the processing of the passport, please ensure that your personal information collected by the passport officer is correct. During the collection of the passport , also ensure that your personal details appear as it should be on the new passport. If there is any mistake, notify the passport officer immediately for rectification before you leave the Embassy or Immigration office.