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Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC) is issued to Nigerians whose passports have expired or who legitimately lose their passports while abroad on visits and resident Nigerians abroad, to enable them return to Nigeria. It can also be issued to new born babies of Nigeria origin born abroad but require a document to return to Nigeria. ETC is usually issued for a one-way journey to Nigeria only and must be surrendered to the Immigration authorities at the port of entry. Please note that this document cannot serve as a substitute to an e-passport.
  • Written official request for Emergency Travel Certificate. The official request should include the reason why the ETC is needed, the final destination and your state of origin.
  • Hungarian Police Report about the loss of passport (where applicable)
  • Birth Certificate in the case of a new born baby
  • Confirmed print-out or copy of air ticket
  • Copy of Passport Datapage
  • One passport photograph
  • $100 fee (non-refundable) which should be deposited into our MKB Account. See information on Consular fee payment