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Issuance of Marriage Clearance PDF Print
With effect from 18th May 2020, please send all required documents in pdf format to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   
This document is issued to Nigerians wishing to get married. Click on the relevant link below:

Requirements for Two Nigerians getting married  

Procedure for the re-issuance of Marriage Clearance: 

Additional Information about the marriage process
  • The marriage clearance is issued in dual language (English and Hungarian) for those getting married in Hungary. Those living in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia will receive the document in English.
  • The marriage clearance is issued to only Nigerians resident in Hungary and other countries of concurrent accreditation (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia) who are seeking to get married for the first time or remarry. 
  • If you require the Embassy to authenticate your Birth Certificate and Bachelorhood/Spinsterhood Certificate, please ensure it has been authenticated by the Consular Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. See requirments for authentication of documents.
  • The relevant consular fees should be paid to the Bank before visiting the Embassy. All application request without payments will not be accepted.
  • Contact the relevant marriage office for required documents before submitting your request to the Embassy
  • Please note that the Embassy does not translate documents (eg birth certificate, police reports, affidavits). Contact the Hungarian Office of Translation( http://www.offi.hu/en). Nigerians living outside Hungary should contact relevant translation offices.
  • The Hungarian marriage office requires an affidavit from Nigeria confirming your status as a divorced person. You should obtain this document (through a friend or family member) from your local government or any court in Nigeria. 
  • The Embassy can only accept marriage requests from Nigerians resident in Hungary and other countries of accreditation (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia). Nigerians resident in other countries who wish to marry Hungarian or non- Hungarian citizens in Hungary will need to first obtain a Letter of Introduction from the Nigerian Embassy located in their country of residency.  The letter should introduce the applicant to the Embassy as a Nigerian resident in the country in question and that he has been cleared to get married. Applicants without this letter will not be given audience.

Procedure for obtaining Birth Certificate

Procedure for obtaining Bachelorhood/Spinsterhood Certificate