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The Embassy legalizes the following:
  • Documents issued in Nigeria which must have been authenticated by the Legal Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja. Documents include Certificate of Birth issued by National Population Comission, educational certificates, affidavits, police character report e.t.c      
  • Certificate of free sale or pharmaceutical products which has to be translated in English and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the respective country where the document was issued. Please note that a Notary stamp is not acceptable.
  • The above mentioned and any other document not listed above must be translated into English and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the respective country.
  • Documents issued in Hungary can be authenticated at the Consular Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 1027 Budapest, Nagy Imre tér 4.


  • Written official letter from the individual or the company making the request to the Consular Section, to be submitted to the Embassy. Letter should be signed.
  • Copy of Nigerian passport (Not applicable to companies)
  • Copy of Residence Permit (where applicable)
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation (for companies/corporate entities)
  • The document(s) to be legalized
  • Original MHB Bank slip of legalization fee paid into the Embassy account at MHB Bank or evidence of Bank Transfer.
  • Letter of authorization (if the documents will be submitted on your behalf)
  • Documents for legalization can be submitted in person, through a proxy or sent through any courier service of your choice. (DHL, UPS etc). Please notify the Consular Section before sending documents via courier service. Copies of relevant documents should be sent via email first.
How to submit document:
  • Documents for legalization should be submitted in person or through a proxy (with an authorization letter)
  • Documents can also be sent to the Embassy via any courier service of your choice. Please send the official signed request, relavent payments and the document(s) to be legalized via This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please ensure the document has been legalized at the respective Foreign Ministry. You should receive confirmation from the Embassy before sending document (s) and other relevant documents to the Embassy.
  • After the documents have been processed, you will also need to arrange for the documents to be picked up from the Embassy. You will receive an email informing you the process has been completed. 

Cost per document/stamp:

  • Service Charge is $100 (per stamp) and Administrative Charge is $30 (Individuals) and $85 (Companies) (per stamp). All fees are non - refundable.

Please read the information below carefully before processing to make payment for the Consular Service and Administrative charge being requested.
1. All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.
2. The Embassy does NOT issue VAT receipts with respect to the payments. You will receive a deposit slip from the Bank.
3. Please ensure the correct fee is paid into the designated bank account. For example, Service Charge should be paid into the Account designated for Service Charge.  We cannot provide refunds for any wrong payments. If you pay into the wrong account, you will be required to pay the fee into the correct account. 
4. Payments can be made either by visiting any MKB Bank to make a deposit or via Bank transfer. If you make payment via bank transfer, please allow at least 5 workings days for the money to reach the Embassy account.
5. Please ensure that you include any extra bank charges to ensure tha the exact amount reaches the Embassy's account. You will be required to make additional payments if there is a difference between the amount paid and amount received by the Embassy.
6. If making your payment via Bank transfer, ensure you do that at least 5 days before submitting your request to the Embassy.   
7. The processing of Consular request is completed within 10 working days. Express services are available for those who wish to have their requests fast tracked for an  extra charge of US$50 in addition to Service and Adminstrative charges. Please note that the payment of express fee does not guarantee a positive decision. We will aim to complete all requests within 5 working days.
8.Documents for legalization can be submitted to the Embassy in person, through a proxy or courier service. Please contact the Embassy before sending via courier.
9.If requesting for express service, please ensure the Embassy has received your payment before submtting your documents.
Account for Payment of Service Charge:

Bank: MKB Bank Nyrt

Account No: 10300002-50100020-71034014

IBAN Account No: HU65103000025010002071034014

Account Name: Embassy of Nigeria

Address: Vaci utca 38, 1056 Budapest


Account for Payment of Administrative Charge and Express Fee:
Account Name: Embassy of Nigeria, Budapest
Account Number: 10300002-50100020-40120108
IBAN Account No: HU3310300002-50100020-40120108
Bank: MKB Bank Nyrt
Payments are made in two ways:  
  • Deposit relevant service charge and administrative charge by visiting any MKB Bank. The applicant submits the deposit slip from MKB Bank as evidence of payment.
  • Transfer relevant  service charge and administrative fee via online banking, and submit copy of e-receipt. The Finance Attaché confirms receipt of funds.

Please note the following when paying the consular fee:

A commission/transfer fee will be charged by the Bank when depositing or transferring the consular fee. Please ensure the total amount on the MKB deposit slip has the exact amount of the consular service needed.
All consular fees paid via bank transfer can only be acknowledged after the Finance Section has confirmed receipt of the transfer. 
Provide payment details when making payment. Include the type of consular service you are paying and this appears in the remark column of the deposit slip.
Submit the original MKB Bank slip or evidence of  the bank transfer when submitting your documents.

All fees are non- refundable.

Processing Period:
Please note that the processing of request for consular services takes ten (10) working days.  However, express services are available, with an extra charge of US$50 (processed within 3 -5 working days).