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The Embassy legalizes the following:
  • Documents issued in Nigeria which must have been authenticated by the Consular and Legal Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja. Documents include birth certificates, educational certificates, affidavits, police character report e.t.c
  • School diplomas issued in Hungary and authenticated by the appropriate authority (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education)
  • Certificate of free sale or pharmaceutical products which has to be translated in English and authenticated by the relevant authority in the applicant’s country. All documents must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the respective country. Please note that a Notary stamp is not acceptable.
  • Any other documents not listed above which must be translated into English and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the respective country. Documents issued in Hungary can be authenticated at the Consular Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1027 Budapest, Nagy Imre tér 4. See link; http://konzuliszolgalat.kormany.hu/contact
  • Written official letter to the Consular Department from the individual or the company requesting the Embassy to legalize the documents.
  • Copy of Nigerian passport (Not applicable to non Nigerians and companies)
  • Copy of Residence Permit (where applicable)
  • Submission of relevant documents to be legalized
  • Original MKB Bank slip of legalization fee paid into the Embassy account at MKB Bank. See information on Consular fee payment
  • Letter of authorisation if the documents will be submitted on your behalf

Please note that documents for legalization will need to be submitted at the Embassy. Do not send via courier service(DHL, UPS etc)

Send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to book an appointment.

Processing time: 24hours from date of submission