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Tourist Visa is normally issued to prospective holiday makers who want to visit Nigeria strictly for tourism. They should however, have a defined area of their intended tour. The life span of this type of visa is usually not more than 3 months.

Visitors Visa is issued to intending visitors who may have been invited to Nigerian by either friends or relatives.
They are admitted if they satisfy the Immigration Officer that they can maintain themselves within the period of stay or their hosts take immigration responsibilities

Primary Documents

Visa Application Form - Fill and sign form with blue pen

Passport Photos - Two identical colored passport-size photo

Valid Passport - At least six months validity from travel date and one empty visa page. Two parallel pages in the passport are considered as one page

Request for visa from host in Nigeria

Passport Datapage or Identification of host in Nigeria - Expatriates resident in Nigeria wishing to invite their family/friends should send a copy of their residence permit and passport

Visa Fee - Paid into MKB Bank. See visa fee table.

Evidence of Accommodation or Hotel Reservation - 

Evidence of Sufficient funds

Flight reservation

Vaccination Card

All documents must be submitted in two copies.

Tourist/Visitors Visa is not valid for employment