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Tourist/Visitors Visa PDF Print
  • Fully completed and signed visa application form. All visa applicants should provide all the required information requested in the form. Personal details should be that of the applicant.
  • Two identical colored passport-size photos
  • Passport (at least six months validity from the date of application and one empty visa pages).Two parallel pages in the passport are considered as one page
  • Official request for visa from the inviting party in Nigeria addressed to Visa Department, Embassy of Nigeria, Budapest, Hungary (Original copy). The Embassy can accept scanned copies as long as it is a clear copy. The applicant should submit the letter to the Embassy. It is not required to send the letter directly to the Embassy.
  • Evidence of your current employment status. Students should submit a valid student ID
  • Passport copy of inviting party
  • Copy of previous Nigerian visa (where applicable)
  • Flight reservation
  • Confirmation of accommodation or hotel reservation
  • Bank Evidence of funds (not older than three months)
  • Applicable visa fees (non-refundable) which should be paid into Embassy's Bank Account.
  • Valid international health certificate of vaccination (Vaccination against yellow fever is mandatory). Other necessary vaccines should be recommended by your local Hospitals. A copy should be attached to the application. Please do not submit the original certificate.
  • All documents must be submitted in two copies and arranged in the following order. 
  • Expatriates resident in Nigeria wishing to invite their family/friends should send a copy of their residence permit and passport
  • Tourist/Visitors Visa is not valid for employment