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1. Complete the visa application form and put together all required documents for the type of visa you are applying for.

2. Schedule an appointment with the Embassy. See how to book an appointment.

3. Visit any MKB in Hungary and deposit the relevant visa fee. Do not transfer the visa fee via online bank transfer. The Bank will issue two copies of the deposit slip. The original deposit slip should be attached to your visa application while a copy is for your records. 

4. Visit the Embassy on the appointment date and submit the visa application. Please arrive early for your appointment as we will not entertain any person arriving late.

5.  Call the Embassy 48 hours from the date of submission to get a decison about visa request. 

6. Pick up the passport from the Embassy between Monday -Friday (10am-12noon, 2pm-4pm). No appointment is required. After collecting your visa , please ensure the information in the visa sticker is correct before leaving the Embassy.