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1. Obtain a Police Report from the relevant Police Authority where the e-passport got lost.

2. Report the loss of your e-passport to the Hungarian Immigration Office.

3. Submit a written formal report to the Nigeria Embassy concerning the lost e-passport. A copy of the Police Report, resident permit and lost passport should be attached.

4. Make appropriate plans to replace the lost passport by contacting the Nigerian Embassy in Vienna. 

5. After getting required information from the issuing Embassy, apply for the e-passport through the Nigeria Immigration website https://portal.immigration.gov.ng/passport/epassport. Applicants for the e-passports are advised to read through the e-passport application guidelines before applying to avoid any delays or rejection of their application. You are to pay the relevant fee using your Bank card and indicate the country which will issue the e-passport. For example, if you are applying to the Nigerian Embassy in Viena, you should indicate Vienna, Austria as the processing country when filling the form online. 

6. A letter of introduction will be issued by the Nigerian Embassy in Budapest  to assist you obtain the new e- passport. 

7. Appear at the choosen Nigerian Embassy on the date given to you. Please ensure you take along with you all the relevant documents needed for the new e-passport. You should ask for required information from the Nigerian Embassy issuing the new e-passport before travelling to avoid any delays. 

8. During the processing of the passport, please ensure that your personal information collected by the passport officer is correct. During the collection of the passport , also ensure that your personal details appear as it should be on the new passport. If there is any mistake, notify the passport officer immediately for rectification before you leave the Embassy or Immigration office.