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I am resident in Madrid, Spain and while on a visit to Hungary, I lost my e-passport. Can I get a travel document to return to Spain?
Unfortunately, the Nigerian Embassy in Budapest cannot issue you with a travel document to return to Spain or your final destination. The Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC) can only be issued to those wishing to travel back to Nigeria. You will need to apply for a new passport at our Embassy in Vienna, Austria.
What do I need to obtain a Letter of Introduction for passport issuance?
1. A written request for the letter of introduction. 
2. A copy of the passport datapage and residence permit. 
3. Police Report is its a case of lost passport.
Where can I obtain the e-passport?
Nigerians wishing to obtain an e-passport can apply for it from any Nigerian Embassy equipped with a passport machine. The Nigerian Embassy in Austria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain are currently equipped to issue e-passports.
I have misplaced my e-passport? How do I obtain a new e-passport?
Lost passports can be replaced at the Nigerian Embassy in the Hague, Vienna, Madrid and Rome.
Can I endorse my child in my new e-passport?
There is no possiblity of endorsing your child in your e-passport. In the past, it was possible with the Machine Readable Passport. You will now be  required to obtain an e-passport for your child.
When is the best time to start the process of renewing my e-Passport?
Nigerian Immigration usually advises that the renewal process start at least six months from the date of expiration. However, there are situations, which requires renewal much earlier than six months. Please contact the Nigerian Embassy where you intend to submit your passport application to get confirmation.
How long does it take the Embassy to reissue a lost e-passport? 
Nigerian Embassies dealing with lost e-passports usually have to get approval from the Nigerian Immigration Head Office in Abuja before it is replaced. It could take a few days up to 2 months before the passport is replaced. Please contact the Nigerian Embassy where you intend to submit your passport application to get confirmation.