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Can I get a refund of my visa application fee?
The money that you paid is an visa application fee and every applicant is subject to this fee. This fee is non-refundable and will not be returned if you fail to establish that you qualify for a Nigerian visa. The Embassy has no authority to refund an application fee. If you plan to reapply for a visa here or elsewhere, you will be required to pay the visa fee every time you apply.

Why wasn’t I informed when I contacted the Embassy that I would not get a visa?
Every application for a visa is based on its own merits. By e-mail, telephone or in person, it is only possible to give general information regarding the visa application process and suggest the types of documents that might help you to demonstrate your eligibility for the visa. The Embassy cannot pre-adjudicate visa cases by e-mail, telephone or in person. The visa application instructions clearly state that there is no guarantee that you will receive a Nigerian visa if you choose to apply.

What do I do if my passport gets missing with a valid Nigerian visa inside?
A new application for visa would need to be submitted with the new passport, appropriate visa fees, a police report and other required documents.
Will I get a visa if unable to submit dates for travel and accomodation ?
All persons or groups applying for a visa will be required to establish a timeline for travel (estimate or exact dates, accomodation plans, planned duration of stay and proof of financial evidence if you will be covering these costs personally. If you plan on staying with a host, then a letter to the Embassy from the host with details of cost to be covered will suffice.
How long does visa processing take?
The processing of visa is completed within 5 working days from the date of submission if all required documents are submitted and there is no local objection. In some cases, it can take longer but will not be more than 7 working days. We advise visa applicants to apply for the visa well in advance of their planned travel.
Do I need to come personally to Hungary to apply for a visa?
We expect all visa applicants to submit their visa application personally most especially a first time applicant at this Embassy. Please note that we do not accept visa applications sent through courier services (DHL, UPS, FEDEX Post etc). Persons that are not first time applicants can submit their complete visa application either through a visa agent or family member/friend/colleague. However, note that you may be required to appear in pewrson for an interview if there is a need.
I am a Hungarian national working and residing in the UK. While on holiday in Hungary, can I apply for a Nigerian visa in Hungary?
You need to apply for your visa at the Nigerian High Commission in London. All applicants are advised to apply for visa where they are mostly resident regardless of their nationality and where they can demonstrate the strongest ties(e.g work place, accomodation)   
What do you mean by Bank evidence of fund?
This is simply a letter from your bank confirming that you have sufficient funds in your bank account to fund your trip. If going on a company sponsored trip, it is enough if this information is indicated in the letter to the Embassy.
My passport expired but the Nigerian visa in it is still valid. Do I need to apply for a new visa?
No. If your visa is still valid you can travel to Nigeria with your two passports (old and new). You should ensure that the name, nationality and other personal data are the same in both passports. If there was a name change as a result of marriage or other reasons, please have supporting documents (eg marriage certificate) to back up your claim.
What do you mean by evidence of current employment status?
This is simply a letter from your present employer/company confirming that you are currently employed. The letter should indicate your current position, how long you have worked at the company and that you will return to your position after your trip.
When is the best time to apply for a Nigerian visa and how long are these visas valid for?
Visa applicants can apply for a Nigerian visa two months from the proposed date of travel. Please note that our visas cannot be issued in advance. These visas are usually valid for entry from the date visa is issued. For example, a three months visa issued on 10th May can be used to enter Nigeria until 9th August.
Is it compulsory to purchase my flight ticket before applying for a Nigerian visa?
Visa applicants are only required to submit a flight reservation about their planned trip. Applicants are advised not to purchase their flight tickets before applying for a visa. The purchase of a flight ticket does not guarantee a visa will be issued nor will the Embassy refund the ticket if visa is not issued. If you will entering Nigeria through a land border, then a flight ticket will not be required.
Can I apply for an extension of visa at the Embassy?
If unable to use visa during the validity period, you will have to apply for a new visa. Visa extension is not possible at the Embassy.
I am a Hungarian citizen living and working in Italy. Considering the visa processing time is shorter Hungary than at the Nigerian Embassy in Italy, can I apply for a Nigerian visa at the Embassy in Budapest?
Visa applicants are advised to apply for a visa at a Nigerian Embassy where they work and reside i.e where they can demonstrate the strongest ties. We advise applicants not to decide where to apply based on convenience.
Can I apply for an extension of visa while in Nigeria?
The Nigerian Immigration Office in Nigeria can extend your visa if there is a need. A request for visa extension can be submitted at any office of the Nigerian Immigration and after approval, your visa will be extended.
My supporting documents are not in English. Can I still submit it with my visa application?All supporting documents not in English are required to be translated into English before it is submitted to the Embassy. College/University Diplomas (STR visas) will also need to be authenticated be the Foreign Ministry in your home country or Embassy if located in Hungary. Bank statements do not need to be translated. However, if you obtain a letter from the Bank showing evidence of funds, it should be in English.
Can I pay the visa fee via bank transfer?
All visa applicants are required to visit any MKB Bank in Hungary, pay the relevant visa fee as stated on the website and obtain a deposit slip. No bank transfer is allowed.
How much do I have to pay for a visa?
Please follow the fees as stated on the visa fee table on the website. The visa fee is paid at any MKB Bank in Hungary.
Can I pay extra money to expedite my visa application?
Only the visa fee applies 
My passport is about to expire but I will like to apply for a visa?
All visa applicants are required to have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel.
I received a visa from the Embassy but I was denied entry at the point of entry in Nigeria?
The Nigerian Embassy in Budapest is only saddled with responsibility of processing the visa application and issuing an appropriate visa. The Nigerian Immigration officials determine who is allowed into the territory of Nigeria at the point of entry.
I submitted an online visa application and paid online via the Nigerian Immigration website but this was not accepted by the Embassy.
The Nigerian Embassy in Hungary unlike some Nigerian Embassies is currently not accepting online visa applications and payment. Visa applicants are advised to visit the Embassy's website (www.nigerianembassy.hu) and read through the requirements before deciding to submit an application for a Nigerian visa.
Will the Embassy accept a copy of TWP Cablegram?
The Embassy will ONLY process a TWP visa request if the original (not scanned or copy) cablegram was submitted with the application. All applicants must ensure that their companies in Nigeria have sent the original cablegram to them directly before the visa request is submitted at the Embassy. Under no circumstances will the Embassy accept an applicant's request without this document.
I plan on travelling to Nigeria to visit a friend I met online. What documents do I need to submit for a visa?
Please follow the requirements for a visitors visa. In addition, your friend in Nigeria will be required to submit a letter addressed to the Embassy, requesting for a visa on your behalf and providing detailed information about your relationship and how you met, a contact number, valid identification, address where you will be accomodated and any other useful information.