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If I am given an ETC, can I still cross over to other European  countries?

An ETC as the name implies is given as an emergency travelling document to facilitate movement of Nigerians back to Nigeria. The Embassy by issuing an ETC is providing a guarantee that its citizen will be returning back home. ETCs allow travel to only Nigeria.

Can I apply for a passport from the Embassy?

Generally, all consular services of the Embassy remain available, and you can apply for new passports or passport renewals. Those in need of a passport should visit the Embassy and discuss with the Immigration Section.

What assistance can the Embassy render to the refugees from Ukraine?

Evacuation flights are scheduled from time-to time to return those fleeing the war safely back to their families in Nigeria. Three evacautions flight have departed from Budapest forAbuja. Ask the Embassy staff when the next evacuation is scheduled for.

Is it mandatory to return to Nigeria on the evacuation flights?

It is not mandatory to return in the evacuation flights to Nigeria. Those who choose not to return will be responsible for their own expenses.

What is the maximum length of stay allowed by Hungarian authorities?

The Hungarian Immigration allows for 30-90 days stay. If you decide to stay in Hungary beyond the period, please endeavor to renew before it expires