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  1. Each passport applicant is required to make an appointment and appear in person for biometric capturing.
  2. The processing country is TURKEY while the processing Embassy is ANKARA.
  3. Each passport applicant is required to pay the online passport application fee using his or her bankcard. If you experience any payment issues or want to use your card to make payment on behalf another applicant, you would be required to register you card on the Innovate1 website.  See link. REGISTER CARD.
  4. Each applicant is required to pay an Administrative fee of $30. Kindly pay this fee at least a week before visiting the Embassy for your biometrics. This will allow the Finance Section to confirm receipt of the funds. Please ensure that the exact sum of $30 is transferred to the account to avoid any delays.  If the amount is not $30, you will be required to pay the amount difference before we begin to process your request.
  5.  After your biometrics are captured, waiting time for the passport is between 1-3 months.
  6.  Submit a Police Report with a copy of your passport if you have lost your passport
  7.  Submit copies of all required documents including a copy of passport datapage and evidence you have paid the relavant online and administrative fees.