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Temporary Work Permit (TWP)
Subject to Regularization (STR)
  • All visa applicants should note that the issuance of visa by this Embassy does not gurantee entry into Nigeria. The Nigerian Immigration Service has the final authority to allow you entry after an interview at the entry point. 
  • Every applicant is required to submit documents personally or through an appointed person (agent, family member etc). Please note that the Embassy will not open any package or attend to any request that is sent to the Embassy through courier (eg UPS, DHL or post). If you are a first time visa applicant, you will be required to submit your visa request in person and attend a visa interview. Subsequent visa application can then be submitted in person or via a proxy.
  • All applicants are required to carefully read the visa requirements before applying. Incomplete documents will not be processed by the Embassy.
  • All applicants are advised NOT to apply for visa or pay for the visa through the Nigerian Immigration website . All documents must be submitted at the Embassy and visa payment made at any MKB Bank in Hungary. 
  • Interview will be conducted for some applicants where necessary.
  • Applicable visa fees MUST be paid before the processing of visa can begin.
  • Processing of visa is concluded within 5 working days. We strongly encourage you to plan your visa application well in advance of your scheduled travel to Nigeria. However, this should not be more than two months before your travel date. We advise that you apply for a visa at least a month from your proposed travel date.
  • The Embassy DOES NOT ACCEPT any extra fees to expedite the visa process. Only the visa fees as stated on the website applies.
  • There is no guarantee that you will receive a Nigerian visa if you choose to apply.
  • The Embassy reserves the right to request additional documents after primary documents have been submitted. It is at the discretion of the Visa Officer to decide whether the submitted documents are convincing enough to issue the visa.
  • The Embassy ONLY accepts visa requests from citizens of Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Citizens from other countries not listed above are required to possess a permanent residence permit in Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina before they can apply at the Nigerian Embassy in Budapest. Citizens from the aforementioned countries who are resident in other countries are expected to apply at the Nigerian Embassy located in their country of residency. Please note that being a citizen of the above mentioned countries does not mean you automatically qualify to submit a visa application at the Nigerian Embassy in Hungary. For example, a Hungarian citizen living or working in Holland needs to submit the visa application to the Nigerian Embassy in Holland and not in Hungary.
  • All supporting documents MUST be photocopied and attached to the application form.
  • Applicants travelling on tourist/visitor or business visas are not permitted to undertake any employment during their stay in Nigeria. Applicants intending to work in Nigeria are advised to apply for a STR or TWP visa
  • Applicants who have been refused visa can only re-apply after 6 months. If however, the refusal of visa was based on the submission of fraudulent documents, re-applying will be after one year. If visa is denied, Embassy reserves the right NOT to give an explanation for visa denial. However, in some cases as determined by the Visa Department, the reason for denial will be provided to the visa applicant. Visa applicants who do not receive a reason for denial are advised not to send emails to the Embassy requestng for a reason.
  • The Embassy cannot provide any compensation to any visa applicant with regards to visa issue.
  • We strongly recommend that you do not buy a non-refundable, non-flexible ticket to the Nigeria, until your visa application has been approved and you have received your visa. We cannot accept responsibility for any financial loss.
  • All letters requesting for visa should be addressed to Visa Department, Embassy of Nigeria, Romer Floris Utca 57, 1023 Budapest, Hungary.