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The Nigerian Embassy in Budapest, Hungary is currently not equipped to issue e-passports. Nigerians residing in Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia who request for passport services will be referred to the Nigerian Embassy in Vienna, Austria. All applicants are required to obtain a Letter of Introduction from the Nigerian Embassy in Budapest before proceeding to Vienna, Austria. Please also endeavor to call the Embassy in Vienna to get an appointment. The appointment date you receive after filling the online application should be disregarded. The Embassy issues the passport only after 10 days and you can arrange for it to be sent to the Nigerian Embassy in Budapest instead of travelling back to Vienna to collect.
If requesting for a passport for an infant, please note that the process can only initiated after three months of birth based on information from the Nigerian Embassy in Vienna. This Embassy can issue an attestation letter confirming the nationality of the infant before a passport is issued
All passport applicants should note that Nigerian Immigration Passport rules requires every Nigerian to be physically present when applying for a new e-passport or renewing an old passport. It is not possible to use a scanned copy of your previous passport to obtain a new e-passport or apply in proxy.

Nigerian Embassy, Vienna, Austria

Click link below if requesting for Letter of Introduction
Click link below if you have lost passport
Click link below if requesting for an Attestation Letter confirming nationality